Our Tours

A Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tour last anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours (depending on the number of people on your tour). Each tour sets out towards your first practice line and from there, onto an adrenaline-rushing zip along our cables for a bird’s eye view of the forest and wildlife below. Each tour is appropriate for ages 3 to 103. We have over a mile and a half of cables and are always adding new lines. As of 2018 we retired 4 of the older existing lines and platforms and added 4 new longer lines and update, engineered platforms to enhance your overall aerial experience.


Eleven Line Canopy Tour

Our course consist of a series of suspended platforms and travels throughout the forest. In two hours you will travel on 11 different ziplines. On this tour your are high up in the trees enjoying exhilarating cables of different distances with changing speeds. Leaving the forest you will ride out into the meadow and back across to our picnic shelter. You can then ride our fastest line back to the office.


Team Building

Team Building consists of  our zipline tours. This is a great experience for groups of 10 or more and can have a catered lunch or dinner added from some of our local eateries.


Twilight Tours

Our Twilight Tours are available for groups of 4 or more. We offer these exciting after-dark tours in the Fall and early Spring. Floating through the air at night with only a glow stick to guide you is both exciting and quietly calming. The night sounds are so different from the daytime sounds that you have a completely different experience at night. Ages 11 and up.


Custom Tours

Our Custom Tours simply put is our family business trying to meet your needs the best way we can so that you have an experience that is both wonderful and memorable. It can be anything from a “special needs” to wanting to combine all our cables into a tour for a special occasion. If we can make it happen with safety and your enjoyment as our chief priority we will work with your group.

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